Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy is becoming internationally recognised as an effective tool for the treatment of stress related conditions. It is the application of soothing vibrations to your body with the intention of quieting your nervous system. Quieting your nervous system and slowing down brain wave activity allows your body to stop wasting its resources on unnecessary activity, and uses its resources to heal. The use of sound vibrations restores harmony to your body.

When your body feels different it can act differently. When you’re in a healthy state, you’re in “sound health.” We often take for granted how much influence sound has on our nervous system. Sound can harm and sound can heal. With the use of precision calibrated tuning forks it is possible to introduce frequencies that will neutralise the harmful ones. They also introduces other frequencies that go a step further, and actually enhance our well being and repair damage.

What Are the Health Benefits of Sound Therapy?

The benefits of Sound Therapy range from pain control to changing your mental state. I use specific frequencies that work on muscle circuits and spinal vertebrae. Sound is a powerful influence on our nervous system. Its soothing effect is good for relieving your body’s tension, especially headaches.

On a physical level, sound therapy can be used for relaxation and ease of pain. It is extremely grounding and balancing. It is energetic and stimulating but most of all it strengthens and builds the immune system. It releases muscle tension by quieting the nervous system. It lowers heart and respiratory rates, which lowers your blood pressure.

On an emotional level, its nurturing effects relax the mind and help with over thinking. Clearing your mind will help you move beyond the obvious and stimulates imagination and creativity. It reduces anxiety and brings deeper inner balance.

How Long Does a Session Last?
What Results Can I Expect?

A session usually lasts about an hour. Vibrational Sound Therapy can free you from your limitations of who you thought you were and wake you up to a new reality. By bringing your body to a state of ease, you build and strengthen your immune system. When your body is vibrating in a state of dis-ease the immune system is continually using its resources to return to its natural state of ease. When brought back into balance the immune system has less work to do. With more ease in the body you have more energy or resources to spend being more creative and productive.